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We offer a complete product development services including Design, Construction.  Available staffing offers a combined experience of over 200 years.

Key Benefits

Broad Product,Process  and Raw Material Development Experience
Associates with over 200 years of combined experience
Cost Effective R&D for small and large start-up companies

Example of a recent project:

A client, who manufactures adhesives, needed lab equipment that would allow the preparation of experimental adhesive lamina samples, using their customer's substrates. The machine was required to support a variety of commercially available application technologies. The machine we designed and built allowed for the assembly of a wide variety of lamina at speeds to 2000 ft/min with independent tension controls of  both incoming substrates and combined web, with acceleration of up to 400 ft/min/sec. The mechanical design included precision ground mechanical tubes by Hamilton Precision , Middletown, Ohio and precision machined Alcoa MIC-6 tooling plate prepared by Narrow Way Technologies Franklin, Ohio. The installed machine was aligned to .004" end to end and top to bottom by The Fenton Rigging Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. This machine was constructed and commissioned in 8 months.

The Overall Design:

  Length                                          28 ft.
  Width                                           10 ft.
  Height                                            8 ft.
  Weight                                        9000 lbs.
  Max Speed                                 2000 ft/min
  Drives                                         Yaskawa Sigma V servo motors on each axes
  Acceleration                                400 ft./min/sec
  Deceleration                                400 ft./min/sec
  Power                                          40 KW Machine Drives
  Roll Diameter                             36”/(80 lbs)
  Cores Size                                   3 & 6 inch
  Applicator Technologies              Nordson TrueCoat, Universal, and SpeedCoat Applicators
   Elastic Delivery                           4 Thread BTSR Matrix Cube with/Duo-Loop Tension Control System
  Intermittent Application                PLC Control
 Operator Interface                         Touch screen Exor HMI
 Web Guides                                   Double E Tension Control Dover Tension Controls on each substrate and combined web
 Machine Guarding                         Yaskawa Safe Limited Speed and Omron Door Locks,
                                                         Tempered Glass/UV Absorbing Polycarbonate Viewing Panels on Combining Section.
Process Rolls                                  Plasma coated and dynamically balanced.

Design Features: .
                                 1) Servo positioning of Nordson Adhesive Applicators.
                                 2) Two Nordson ATTA Blue melters for speedy adhesive changes. 
                                 3) Direct drive of all axes with Zero-Max Couplings. No belts or gears!
                                 4) 1” thick Alcoa MIC 6 machine plate backplane for precision idler alignment..
                                 5) Blanchard ground heavy wall machine tube framing for precision roll alignment.
                                 6) Low inertia carbon fiber dancer system.
                                 7) Overhead wireways for clear floor path.
                                 8) Independent servo control of individual web element for precise web tension.
                                 9) Internet Linked Remote Control of Machine Processor
                               10) BTSR Elastic delivery system. 
                               11) UL Certified Electrical Panel.
                               12) Carbon Fiber Transport Idlers
                               13) Dual Drive™ S-Wrap

Adhesive Developemnt Machine  

                                           Fully Guarded Operator Side of Adhesive Development Machine

Drive Side of Machine

                                                                      Drive Side of Machine


                                                            HMI Panel

Control Panel

                                          UL Certified Machine Control Panel


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