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Here are some pictures of the SQ2 in action. e of the major issues that each of us faces everyday is being able to quickly and accurately set and check the blade angles. 

The Gauges of the SQ2 are 
calibrated by mounting three fixed length pins into the gauge face of the fixture, and then adjusting each gauge to zero.
The SQ2 can then be used to measure the squareness of the blade to the table saw top. When the blade is perfectly at 90 the two vertical dial indicators will measure exactly he same. Pins in the base of the SQ2 index the SQ2 in the miter slot which  allows you check the alignment of the blade to the miter gauge slot. Here the SQ2 is being used to square the blade on a radial saw. The edge faces of the SQ2 are machined at 90 to the gauge face so that you can use the SQ2 to square the blade to the stop fence and the table at the same time.
With the setup legs mounted to the gauge face of the SQ2, you can conveniently square the head of your miter gauge. Here the SQ2 is being used to check the fence on the jointer.

SQ2 Setting Blade Tilt