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The SQ2 product from Allen Designs LLC will make tuning your table saw and radial saw a snap and will insure that you always have the blade set at 90 to the table surface.
The table saw is one of the most used pieces of equipment in the shop and when doing fine woodworking accuracy in setup is a must. One of the major issues that each of us faces everyday is being able to quickly and accurately set and check the blade angles. This is especially true for finding true 90.  The SQ2 fixes all of this., no more time consuming  cut and measure trial and error,  the SQ2 gives you perfect settings each time.
The new SQ2   product uses three synchronized dial indicators mounted in a precision machined aluminum casting to measure blade alignment on table and radial saws. The SQ2 is unique in that it the use of three dial indicators, allows it to actually measure the plane of the blade relative to the supporting table.
In everyday use you use the SQ2 to set blade angles.  On maintenance days use the SQ2 to adjust your trunions on your table saw to insure that the blade is perfectly lined up with your table saw miter slot or to adjust the rip fence to the table slot. With the three gauge setup you simply place the SQ2 on the saw and then monitor the three dial indicator readings as you make adjustments.

SQ2 Features

Everyday use:

Precisely set table and radial saw angles from 90-45
no more trial and error cutting and hunting for scrap piece to use
Check blade to miter groove slot alignment on table saws.
Check blade to Stop Fence alignment on radial saws.
Check Rip Fence alignment to miter groove slot
Square the head of the miter gauge
Check and adjust  jointer fence angle

For Table Saw Tuning: 

Precisely measure blade alignment to table saw miter slot. 
Precisely align your rip fence parallel to miter slot.


SQ2 including the SQ2 frame,3 SHAN 512-166
dial indictors, 1-  2" gauge extension, 
1 Fixed Angle Point, 3 - 1.5" setup legs, manual
only ...$189.95 +SH


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