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SHAN 270-BC30 and 270-BC50 Digital Scale kits for the Biesemeyer®  and many PowerMatic 66 fences


The Biesemeyer  fence is a great product with a fantastic reputation, but we have made it even better.   Here are some pictures of the SHAN ™ 270-BC30  horizontal scale mounted on the Biesemeyer BC30 fence. The 270-BC30 kit uses a customized SHAN 270-560 product and special hardware to simplify the installation of the digital scale onto your existing fence. The 270-BC30 kit has a 37" beam that  provides 30" digital rip fence setting to the right side of the blade. The 270-BC50 kit uses a longer 59" beam to provides 50" rip capacity for the BC50 fence systems. The longer model can be used on the BC30 to provide rip fence capability on both sides of the blade.
The digital scale body is  fastened to the Biesemeyer box beam by two 10-32 screws. The moveable sensor head of the 270-560 is coupled to the fence angle iron by 2 special "dog point" drive screws, included in the kit, that are mounted in the holes normally used to hold the indicator hairline. These special screws engage a dowel hole in the sensor drive plate. This allows the fence body to be lifted on and off of the saw without any tools.   This scale combined with the rock solid design of the BC30 gives you accuracy of ± .001".  The scale also includes advanced functions that lets you easily do incremental step cutting with out doing any mental math gymnastics. Conversion from mm/inches and back at the touch of a button. This kit also works on many PowerMatic 66 fence systems. Take the guess work out of your rip fence settings with a SHAN 270-BCXX series digital scale from Allen Designs LLC. 

This is the SHAN 270-BC30 on the Biesemeyer®  fence. A clear display provides resolution of .0005" and accuracy with the BC30 of ± .001".
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