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Allen Designs LLC provides engineering design and construction service
for web handling and packaging equipment. With over 200 years of combined
experience, Allen designs LLC can  provide equipment to meet your needs.
Additionally, Allen Designs  provides support for Consumer Research, Product
Development, and Raw Material Development. Look at an example under "Process Development" of  the  "Services" tab on the left.

Web Combining Machine

Allen Designs LLC is an innovator of  a unique line of affordable precision 
woodworking instruments for the serious woodworker.  Our products allow
you to accurately measure and setup your woodworking equipment with 
unparalleled accuracy. The results are finer results, less waste of material,
and less frustration in your woodworking efforts.

Allen Designs  markets measuring tools for the Guilin Measuring & Cutting 
Tool Works of  Guilin, China. Allen Designs is also a representative for the
P&G Industrial  also of Guilin China who offers a wide variety of industrial
products. Visit for more information.

Allen Designs LLC can provide custom measuring tool design services. If you have 
a tough measurement problem let us see if we can find a solution.


Precision Woodworking Products:

Model 24SX EASY SLIDING DOVETAIL KIT (US Patents 6,732,444 / 6,802,134 B2
6898863 B2 / 6898854 B2

The Tapered Sliding Dovetail is arguably one of the best joints in woodworking. Properly
formed it does not require any screws, glue, or clamps for assembly, it by nature squares itself
(if designed to) and it it much stronger than other joints because it forms a mechanical
joint over an extended area. Additionally, the joint is very tolerant to climatic changes because
it is an all wood joint. Unfortunately, until now, it has been very difficult to consistently prepare. 
The Easy Sliding Dovetail Kit includes everything you need to produce perfect tapered sliding 
dovetails every time. It is also the only product that will allow you to cut half and full blind 
tapered sliding dovetail. The unique modular design of the separate precision CNC machined 
router templates for cutting the Socket and the Pin provide unlimited versatility.


The Manti and Mini-Mantis, and Metric Mantis (for our customers that prefer 
metric measure),  take the guesswork out of depth of cut setup on a variety of woodworking
tools including the routers, router tables, shapers, table saws and jointers. 
Setting depth of cut on woodworking tools is a everyday thing in the woodshop. Accurately 
setting them is not a trivial issue, unless you use a Mantis.
All woodworking tools us  a 
"supportive reference surface to either support the work or the tool while cutting. The table 
top of the table saw, the base plate of the router, the bed of the jointer are all examples of this
"supportive reference surface".  When setting depth of cut  with these tools the cutter is elevated 
relative to the
Plane of the supportive reference surface. The Mantis is a precision machined 
aluminum casting that has a 1" diameter measuring anvil mounted to a precision dial indicator,
so that it measures the elevation of the cutter tool above the supportive reference surface. The 
large frame Mantis allows the Indicator to be mounted outside the legs positions so that the 
indicator in a cantilevered position can be used to set jointer knives and to measure out feed 
table elevations directly relative to the infeed table.
The compact Mini-Mantis is convenient 
for measuring router bit elevations.
 Quit guessing about cutting depth,  use the Mantis or 
Mini-Mantis to get it right all the time.


The SQ2 circular saw alignment tool. Circular saws cut using a series of teeth on a 
circular plane. So why not measure the plane of the blade relative to the supportive reference 
surface of the tool. The SQ2 uses 3 synchronized SHAN 512-166 precision dial indicators 
mounted in a precision CNC machined casting to precisely  measure the plane of your saw blade 
or master plate, relative to the miter slot and the plane of the table top.  There is no error in this 
product due to movement because you simple set it in place and don't move it. Use it to setup 
all your stationary circular saws, including your table saw, radial saw and the notoriously out 
of alignment chop saw. Leave it setup all the time ready to check your 90 measurements as 
well as your bevel cuts. The SQ2 will easily get provide you tilt accuracy to .1 tilt accuracy 
every time. 
After squaring your arbor to the the miter slot, drop the blade so that you can square the fence assembly.
The SQ2 can also be used to square the jointer fence to the infeed/outfeed beds of the jointer. 
Use the SQ2 to check the the table to bandsaw blade squareness. 


SHAN 270-BC30 & 270-BC64    No more tape measure and test cutting. Set it  and forget it. 
The SHAN270-BC30 and the SHAN 270-BC64
digital scale kits for Biesemeyer & PowerMatic rip fences
provide you with reliable fence settings for your Biesemeyer fence. 
The SHAN 270-BC30 fits the Biesemeyer BC30 fence and provides digital accuracy for setting fence 
position for 30" to the right of the blade.   The SHAN 270-BC30 is also useful for making a precision
crosscut sled (see picture below). 
The SHAN270- BC30/BC64 readout is integrated on the sliding sensor head that is fixed to the box beam. 
The mounting allows the fence to be simply removed as usual by just lifting the fence body off 
of the support rail. No tools, no messy wires, economically priced, the SHAN BC 30/BC50 provides
unparalleled performance and value.  
The SHAN270-BC30/BC64 will change the way you do woodworking forever. Now you can reliably trim .010"
off of a piece with confidence, for a perfect fit. More importantly you can go back later to exactly the 
same setting when you need to. 
Mounting a router in the extension wing of your table saw is a great idea. With it you get a large work
surface to support you work with the router.  With a SHAN BC30/BC50 mounted on the rip fence 
you now get positioning accuracy that only a digital scale can provide. With this setup and some 
simple jigs you can make you can make through dovetail variable size through or half blind dovetails
in a flash. More importantly, with digital positioning, you can make cuts today and come back
and make the same cutes three weeks from now. 

The SHAN270-BC30 can also be used on homemade crosscut sleds (Picture below to provide digital accuracy
for cross cutting members and for forming tenon shoulders. 


SHAN BC30 Digital Scale (above  left) provides digital fence positioning for Biesemeyer, Powermatic
and other  rip fences with 2"x3" box beams.  The clear display of the BC30/BC64 digital scale (above right)
provides accuracy to .001" and resolution to .0005".  The sensor display provides for simple incremental 
(stepwise cutting) that does not require a calculator. The unit is fully programmable for fixed offsets.
The Biesemeyer fence with an auxiliary  router fence, (below left) provides digital fence positioning 
for router operations. This ids great for cutting dovetails.

Our latest innovation using the BC30 product is the digital crosscut sled( below right) provides
digital crosscut accuracy up to 32" and is great for making precision panels and forming tenon shoulders.



SHAN Precision Linear Scales  Bring digital accuracy to your 
woodworking equipment. Mount our SHAN digital scales on your planers, thickness 
sanders, woodworking fixtures to provide you with digital accuracy and repeatability.
Reliably set planer thickness  and sander gaps. 
No hunting for the thickness setting
Repeatable setting for when you need to go back later and make more pieces
Controlling the cut means significantly reducing sniping.
Longer tool life because the tool is not set beyond it's performance window
Programmable for fixed
Incremental mode for stepwise operations
Nonvolatile position monitor, even records position change when display is off.
Can be cut to any custom length
1 year warranty
Battery powered remote display available that allows you to mount the scale out of line of sight. 

SHAN Digital Scales on Legacy Woodmill and portable Delta planer,


SHAN Precision Calipers Our SHAN precision calipers are simply the best value on 
the market. Warranted for 1 year these calipers will provide you with excellent service. 
Our large display 132-3XX series is easy to read and the yellow dial face of our 181-XXX 
dial series is easy on the eyes. Available in 6", 8" and 12" sizes. Larger sizes are available. 




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